Those of you know this is my new blog, built from the ground up here on WordPress. For others that have stumbled upon  this blog, you can go to my profile to see who I am, and what I do. This blog will be updated almost on a weekly basis, if not I will say so on the home page. This page is here for description purposes, to help all of you navigate my new blog. The home page will also act more personal then the other tabs on this blog site. Blasts from the Past will catalog my previous reviews and features I have written on either my own or other blog sites from,, and more recently Blasts from the Past also compiles any posts I had during my MySpace days, provided that I can actually find them. The Weekly Highlight will feature characters, people from media, or videos and either highlight their accomplishments, failures or silliness depending on the subject at hand. That is basically the award page in lame terms, and will obviously be featured very week. Torn Between the Pages is where I take old poems I wrote, share them with you and critique them for your amusement. The Features category are posts about both video game and other topics, explaining my feelings about certain things that bother me. Anything from reviewing clothing styles, to music, and books this is all dedicated to my outlook on media. Though this makes you wonder why have a separate tab for reviews only, if this is mainly a review blog site? Simple, this is mainly to continue my passion with writing video game reviews, till I land a paid video game journalism position. I also plan on eventually testing out my writing skills by posting episodic “shows” for all those you love to read funny, epic or scary and original stories. If you have any requests for my reviews, please contact me, my info is on my profile. Though just a fair warning, I only own a 3DS, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP, and PS Vita, which are the main attractions here on my blogsite. Lastly the Preview section is for video game impressions either based on videos or demos that I have played. Hopefully we enjoy this adventure together, and hope there will be many posts to come.


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