Long ago I by past the era of Microsoft XBox when I purchased a Playstation back in the 90s. Like most of my friends I was too busy with Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts to even notice that the XBox was even going to be huge. When Microsoft announced a console I laughed because I never thought a company solely responsible for computers could last in the land of gaming. One Halo release and the resurrection of the PC gaming market later I released that my younger self was stupid and naive. I never knew about a PC market even existed, though I remember spending countless hours of my younger days playing Age of Empire II. I dabbled in the PC gaming world but never fully understand till now how Microsoft would change the landcape of console gaming forever. Thanks to Bungie, the team behind Halo, our gaming world is now filled with First-Person Shooters that incorporate multi-player. Now truth be told I’ve only played about 20 minutes of Halo about 7 years ago. That is the most I ever spend on an XBox. Not too long ago I wrote about my Top 8 Wishful Experiences that I could have on XBox consoles, detailing which games exclusive to the XBox family I would like to get into. Since that time I have gained access to an XBox 360 and have played a game that is made by Bungie. Though it isn’t Halo, I can account to you my experience with this game and then give a educated guess to how I would of reacted to this game have I actually followed Bungie from the beginning. The game I’m talking about here obviously is Destiny.

Destiny PS4

I’ve played Destiny more hours then any game I own on PS4. That doesn’t really speak volume if most of the games out now for PS4 are re-released games. Admittedly its my first game I have played (non-stop, more then 20 minutes) developed by Bungie. The mechanics of this game differ but at its core it’s still a first-person shooter experience. Now from what I have played so far (this includes my playthrough during Alpha and Beta testing), I can tell you it’s highly additive game. It’s more addictive though if you have a few buddies to dive into with because of how intense the raids or the matches get depending on your preference. I love how tight the controls feel, and how intense some of the missions in Destiny’s campaign is. One minute you’re smooth sailing on the beaten path onto exploration and then you’re greeted by some huge ass Alien boss and a swarm of alien troops. Yes this sounds exactly like Bundgie’s previous installments but what makes Destiny different is the fact that you can level your character in the vain of Borderlands. You have three classes to choose from Warlock, Titian, and Hunter.

Destiny Screenshot

For my playthrough I went through as a Hunter, and in the future plan as leveling out as a Warlock. Each class has specific skill trees but numerous reports have claimed that it doesn’t change the core gameplay. Shooting is satisfying, and so is the rest of the combat in Destiny; it is as though you are in a galactic battle much like Destiny’s predecessors before it. Reason I keep bringing up Halo is because that was Bungie’s legacy. They created 3 of the greatest shooters of all time, and yet many critics have mashed Destiny to the ground; rightfully so. The story, with many critics I agree with, isn’t as impactful as Bungie’s last titles were and that kind of makes my love for such a game worrisome. It makes me essentially want to go back into a time elapse and….wait you know what no this isn’t a review. I am not going to dive into why I should be playing Halo, when Destiny is the most fun with a shooter I’ve ever had regardless of what critics have said. Sure Halo may have had a deeper story but this gameplay makes up for the lack of story. I’m sorry if I can’t really take the blinders off of this overhyped game but it’s how I truly feel. Now granted if I were to experience Halo first then I might have a different opinion. Unfortunately I cannont undo my experience with Destiny, but I can say that if this: if this gameplay was how Halo felt (minus the level grinding that Destiny offers), then I can assure you I would have been a Halo-junkie if I actually went into a time capsule and went back before I ever bought a Playstation 2.


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