Bret “The Hitman” Hart

From: Calgory, Alberta, Canada

Status: WWE Hall of Famer, Key component to WWF’s 90’s “Attitude” Era

Finishing Move: The Sharpshooter

WWE Real Live Achievements: Multi-time WWE Tag-Team Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, Competed in the first Iron Man match, Won first King of the Ring, WWE Champion, wCw Champion, wCw US Champion

WWE Video Game Achievements: Has appeared in almost every WWE video game I’ve ever owned if there was the ability to create him, that was given he wasn’t already in the game to begin with. Owned a few titles, but too long ago to remember.

Reason for Award: Besides Edge, and The Rock (which will eventually win a highlight mark my words) can be listed as one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Wore pink to the ring, way before Hot Topic decided that real men wore pink. Comes from the famed Stu Hart Dungeon in Calgory where many of the best wrestlers in the world have been trained (Edge included). Wore shades and an epic biker jacket that screamed cool back when the Attitude Era was in its infancy. He obtains this award for not only being a technical wrestler, but also starting what I like to call the “breaking of keyfabe” (which for those who don’t watch wrestling is where someone actually plays as themselves and not the character they are portraying). This was done however in a controversial fashion in the infamous 1997 Survivor Series Montral Screwjob, where it was believed Bret Hart was suppose to win the WWE Title in his hometown but was then screwed over by Vince McMahon (owner of WWF/WWE) whom was standing at there ringside.

12 years after the incident, long after Bret’s career in wCw was over obtaining more titles then he did previously, he returned to the WWE to mend the relationship with all parties involved with the Montral Screwjob. This gained him a well deserved Hall of Fame status, and will always forever be known as the best there is, the best there was and the best that ever will be.


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