The Used

From: Orem, UT

Genre:  Alternative Rock/ “Emo”

Producer: Reprise

Band Members

Lead: Bert McCracken

Drums: Dan Whitsides

Guitar: Quinn Allman

Bass: Jeph Howard

Reason for Award: Back around 2002-2003 a band formed, and a friend at the time knew someone who would eventually get us into this band around that same time in high school. Though The Used released their self titled album around the same year,  sadly it took me a few weeks later to obtain it after days of owning their first live album Maybe Memories. I’m sorry to admit that this month’s highlight is showing favoritism, showcasing one of my favorite bands but I did it on MySpace back in high school when I started liking them, and I’ll do it here. I’ve seriously owned almost the entire physical  discography by them with the exception of Berth (their second live album), Shallow Believer and their newest album Vulnerable (which I own digitally). I’ve also been to three shows that they headlined, and still listen to them to this day so there is no question I’m a huge fan of their alternative sound. Most of the time when people ask me who my favorite bands of all time are, The Used is one of the first bands that come out of my mouth. The guitar, drums and vocals all mash up in a harmony of musical bliss. That is as long as you love screaming “Emo” music, where the lead vocals can scream so loud that he sometimes he pukes on stage. They are aren’t a band for everyone I am sure, and I mostly say that to the people who refuse to call them an alternative rock band. They are high intent style is what made me fall in love with their music. This is a tribute to my favorite band, period.


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