System(s): PS3, XBox 360, PC

Developer: id Software

Publisher: Bethesda

Genre: Open-World FPS, Racing


Release Date: October 4, 2011

Pros: Varied gameplay, vasts amounts of loot and exploration, AI

Cons: Texture pop-in, story, characters, lack of RPG elements, online options


Story: 6

Graphics: 6

Gameplay: 8

Music and Sound: 7

Replayability: 6

Overall: 7

The grandfather of FPSes has developed new IP in Rage, set in a post apocalyptic world you gain control of a man who was awoken from a cryostatis (frozen slumber). It is learned that you are part of the old world, which is now deemed a legendary race. Thing is that the story devolves into gabber after a few hours and its up to you to rid the world of bandits and find out what happened, if you can muster up the will.

The characters you meet, and environment you explore are all paper thin of any life much like this post apocalyptic world that Rage is set in. Though you do encounter a lot of maniacs driving around the barren wasteland, attempting to shoot your car you’ll find yourself void of motivation. The graphics aren’t really impressive either, showing texture slowdowns and pop-ups everywhere. Barely any music, and some of the guns that you carry don’t sound like real guns when you shoot them.

The multiplayer is an after thought, though you may play co-op in the main campaign, chances are you’ll want to duke it out with a buddy in this vast barren wasteland.  Rage doesn’t offer that, but instead it offers racing against your buddy instead of team deathmatches. Wait did I sign up at the post apocalyptic Grand-Prix or a tactical military shooter? Though the races do have a vital place in Rage, changing up the repetitiveness of going into an area (which feel like dungeons) and unloading lead into the enemies, it also gives off the impression that it feels so out of place in a game like this. Same can be said about the feeling of progression, there are no upgrades like in Fallout 3 (a game Rage is constantly being compared to by other critics) so the sense of accomplishment only comes from the new guns and locals you uncover.

Sadly the only thing that id Software does right with Rage is the enemy AI, where they react like real enemies. When you shoot bandits or nasty mutated monster you better make sure they stay down, otherwise they will sit up and shoot at you. What is more awe inspiring, is enemies don’t have the same flanking patterns. Some come from the right, some come from the left, some rush right into your face. Every time you restart the level the enemies are never in the same place, and they react differently every time despite they are the same enemies over and over again. This is what will motivate you to continue a paper thin trail of a plot, so if you enjoy a different take on trying to kill enemies then Rage is highly recommended. Though I would pass it if you care about story, plot or graphics at all because this game tends to drag on too long, and these problems can be distracting.


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  1. Even though this game came out last year, I bought it used about 2 months ago for $12. I love the graphics and gameplay and I’m now doing quests in Subway Town.

  2. Games and Things says:

    The only memorable thing in Rage was the awesome 60 FPS engine. The firefights were good, but the endless buggy travel got old really quickly. id would have been better off with a linear corridor shooter like Quake. That way they could have cut out all of the pointless, uninspired characters and focused on some amazing set-pieces.

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