System(s): PS Vita

Developer: SCE Japan Studios

Publisher: Sony

Genre: Open World Adventure, Platformer


Release Date: June 12, 2012

Pros: Engaging story, fun gameplay, beautiful graphics

Cons: Enemy targeting, gyroscope controls, unstable camera


Story: 8

Graphics: 9

Gameplay: 7.5

Music and Sound: 7

Replayability: 7

Overall: 8

Well its June, and that can only mean one of two things in terms of video games. Gravity Rush was herald by many critics and gamers alike to be the PS Vita’s 2012 system darling, right next to Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Many, including myself, put Gravity Rush as their number one PS Vita most anticipated video games of 2012. Time has passed and the hype has been built, can Gravity Rush fulfill its destiny to be the greatest PS Vita game of 2012, or is it the perfect storm for a dramtic G-force crash?

Gravity Rush is a game about a girl, who one of  townfolks of Heksville names Kat. After falling out of the sky the player start experiencing strange happenings in this fictional world. You bump into Raven, and other “Gravity Shifer” who is bent on keeping this world that the player interacts with in a state of chaos. It up to the gamers to find out who Kat really is, where she came from, and why is the world she lives in the way that it is. The story is very deep and engaging, yet mysterious and strange which gives the players motivation to accompany Kat through her journey.

Follow the pink line. No skipping, or a dog named Toto required

As you progress through the world, you find that those controlling these monsters call Navis are also trapping civilians in lost towns in another dimension. So in order to revive the towns you must clear all the enemies in these lost towns, which is where controls become a huge factor. The gameplay itself is addicting using a swiping motion to evade attacks, the shoulder buttons to control gravity, and the face buttons to attack. You also have a choice to either do main objectives or side quest due to Gravity Rush being open world. Though its addicting, the flaws that Gravity Rush has can make it frustrating. In order to dispose of these creatures that haunt both the dimensions, you must hit certain spots which are clearly marked. This causes problems with aiming and camera controls; since there’s no lock-on system here. As a result of no targeting system, you’ll be flying past your initial target instead of your desired destination. Same goes with other missions requiring you to race, rescue citizens, or defeat as many Navi before the clock runs out. When using the gravity slide power, it’s difficult to position the camera in a timely manner since you are also concentrating on steering Kat with the motion sensor gyroscopes. Though those can be a nuance, the player is given lots of missions the moment they get through the tutorials, giving them freedom to choose both from main and side quest objectives. There is also rumors about DLC missions, and experience points to gain in the form of gems to level up skills (which can also be used to repair some of the parts of towns) so replay value is at a all time high for Gravity Rush.

Calling the nice Gravity Shifter, hello Kat…come in, over.

Though the controls are rough, the graphics, sound and music are a thing of beauty. Believed to be inspired by anime, the cell shaded characters are top notch both in gameplay and in cut scenes. It’s also nice SCE Japan Studios used actual hand drawn comic strips for the dialog. Though it this part of the game shows its uselessness after awhile of play. Something about having to swipe the pages like a book in order to get to the next part of dialog seems unnecessary. The same could be said about moving the PS Vita, or using the back touch panel to view the dialog.

Many expected this to be the saving grace for the PS Vita, and here Gravity Rush proves critics right for a change. As long as players are willing to give it a chance, Gravity Rush was defiantly worth the hype. With great graphics, solid gameplay, good story and tons of replay value Gravity Rush is a must own for PS Vita fans.


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